Outsourcing (BPO) services

Towa Engineering Nepal Pvt. Ltd is the member company of IMAC Engineering Japan and conducting the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in association with its head office in Japan. The BPO system module is as follows:

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Architectural design

  1. Engineering Team (We) have opened a local corporation, TOWA NEPAL PVT. LTD and have been involving many excellent team to ensure the work smoothly to serve the customers at their busy schedule.
  2. Appointed 2nd class certified Architect Engineer (We) have a very experienced Nepalese engineer who had lived in Japan for 16 years and achieved the “2nd level of Architectural Engineer” certificate from Japan. He is very familiar regarding the Architectural Design and have work experienced in renowned “GENERAL CONTRACTOR” Companies of Japan.
  3. Client-oriented team (We) have made a client-oriented team so that the team can understand the condition and specification of the particular customer’s works which help us to increase the productivity of the company.

Towa Engineering Nepal Pvt. Ltd has been doing the outsourcing work of Japanese companies by making the team of young and talented engineers. The work which they are doing are all transferred from the head office, IMAC Engineering Pvt. Ltd Japan. IMAC has been conducting the outsourcing work of engineering of various top ranked companies of Japan and has been shedding and sharing its certain works to Towa Engineering Nepal. IMAC regularly serves the companies like ( Toray, MEC, Yokogawa Bridge, Nihon Sekkei, etc.). Towa has a team of excellent engineers and the team is trained under the strict supervision of a Japanese Engineer.

The outsourcing works at Towa has been divided in to two parts: one is Piping Design and other is Architectural Design. Piping design is instructed by the Japanese in-charge and deals all the designing work of piping. Architectural design work and construction design works are performed under the leadership of a long experienced and ‘2nd Class Registered Architect in Japan’ Engineering certificate holder Nepalese engineer, who has the experience of 16 years in Japanese company and dealing all the construction design work in Nepal. Towa has made the company as a client –oriented team so that the team can understand the condition and specification of the particular customer’s work which is instrumental to increase the productivity of the company.

IMAC takes the work from their client office and transfers and supplies the work to Nepal directly which helps in skill enhancement of our young engineers vis a vis production growth and remarkable contribution in GDP.

Companies that are accepting our service
  • Dai Nippon Construction
  • Kajima Corporation
  • Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd.
  • SPK Corporation
  • Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd.
  • Taikisha Ltd.
  • Yokogawa Bridge Corp.