Department Execution and Support services

The main functions of the Project Department are to perform the different projects to assist the customer’s large project. Under this department, IMAC performs the work from planning, development of projects, basic design to the details drawing, procurement, quality management, assembling, packaging, transporting and site works in China.

TOWA PRECISION MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. (TOWA CHINA) was established in 2006, with capital 35 million USD in the Tongxiang city, situated in between of Shanghai and Hangzhou cities with the main purpose of manufacturing of different facillities. After establishing the company, IMAC succeeded to take that place as a strong base by making the good relation with other companies which are related to design, vendor, workshop and inspection.

The long run operation in China gave us many ideas technically and grew up us as an experienced company. The technical knowledge and the experiences that we have gained during the operation in China have enabled us to compete with other companies in terms of price and quality. Our main purpose is to understand the customer needs and try our best to satisfy them by all means.

Promote modularization, unitization and skidding system

Module, unit and skid


IMAC proposed and promoted the plant construction modularizaiton, unitization and skidding system to execute the project with low cost and less span of time. This system facilitates to assemble and test in TOWA China factory. After doing the necessary treatment, IMAC delivers the finished projects not only in China but also in Japan, USA and other foreign countries.


Advantages of modularization, utilization and skidding system.
The following advantages can be obtained from the system.

  1. Unit assembling factory, TOWA CHINA factory, can perform all the work such as, piping works, electric works, insulation works at the same place and also can perform the experiment like flushing, pressure resistant, airtightness test, debugging, and water test run etc. It not only facilitates the assembling of units but also reduces the works like welding and other material handling time in site. It results save the time and reduces the cost as well.
  2. Another merit of this system is that it increases the working efficiency. No hindrance will be occured even in the bad weather and all the treatments can be done within the factory. This system also facilitates to perform the prefabrication work and assembling work by cranes simultaneously. It causes improve the quality, manage the process and make the construction works faster.
  3. This system inspects all the component and units which are placed in a systematical order in the factory so that defective items can easily be found and can be replaced immediately.
From design to transport


Module Construction


We also accepts the module constructions which are big enough to bring within the assembling factory. We take serious consideration while designing the transportation system of those components and use the specific trailer to transport and dismantle it unit by unit. We assemble all the components once the job is done and conduct the necessary tests. If tests are ok, dismantle everything and carry up to the corresponding site and again assemble it as a unit. This system helps to assure the quality twice and our customers are beleving in us and recently, also getting the order for larger size of module construction.

Performance table

Performance table