Machinery and equipment production

Design, production, assembling service of precision machinery and equipments

We manufacture the facilities that satisfy the customer needs.
Specially TOWA China and our Partners companies incorporate the following businesses:-

Business Contents

    • Design, Production and assembly of precision machinery and equipments
    • Procurement of parts for metal processing and casting.
  • Import and export of above finished equipments/services.

Proposal of procurement department in China

Achievement of cost reduction


TOWA China factory and partners, situated in China, mainly perform the following works:

  1. Production and assembling of Machine and machine parts
  2. Metal processing and casting
  3. Procurement of various parts/items
  4. Designing of various fabrication.

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Achievements from process and quality control Management


The main important thing that we are achieving the results from china is due to quality control and process management.

We just want to maintain “Japanese quality in China’s production” by recruiting experienced Japanese supervisor.

They supervise and control from production to delivery of the equipments

Process flow of procurement operation in china


TOWA China Factory has been manufacturing the various machine equipments and transporting to the various countries like USA and Europe

The company facilitates to reduce the transportation cost, extra custom tax; release the burden related to trading and can avoid from the exchange rate risk as it place the order from China itself.

Assure you the Guarantee
We can assure you to get the Japanese quality in China.


Performance table

Performance table