We have started “Support Service for Foreigners coming to Japan” for all the foreigners, who are arriving in Japan to work in Japanese companies (called: Hiring Company).

POINT: This service is meant for all foreigners who are going to work in Japanese companies with “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” Visa.

Flow of our business consignment:

The steps are follows:

  1. Inform us about the arriving detail (by filling in the application form).
  2. We will approach the hiring company with our proposal.
  3. We will explain about our service to the hiring company.

Once OK with the proposal,

  1. The hiring company will inform you about the room details.
  2. Other than room (SIM card), we will contact you directly. The reason: When the job is fixed in Japanese companies, there are many things that one must be cleared before coming to Japan. Such as monthly expenses, transport fair, daily stuffs costs (furniture, shopping), about contract, salary sheet, insurances, taxes, working hour, room, rent, etc. Most of the things will be clearly explained by the company who have hired you.  Still, there are limitations of time and language barrier for the companies. In order to ease the burden of the hiring companies, we have started our service to support some of the contents.

Our service has the following 4 contents: 
1.Room Rent Support Service
2.SIM Card  Support

1. Room Rent Support Service

Although we are an Engineering company, we have also registered as a real estate license in Japan.

Our Real Estate registration number is as follows:

所属団体:公益社団法人 不動産保証協会

免許番号: 東京都知事(1)第107976号

The service is as follows:

We search for a suitable room, as per the requirement from the hiring company.

Normally, Japanese room owners, hesitate to rent their room to foreigners. The reason is, there are many troubles occurring, regarding the garbage, sound, smell etc. It may be because of the lack of communication, cultural difference. However, we can convince the room owner to rent the room to foreigners.

We have also prepared a manual in English language, explaining about the rules and regulations to rent the room in Japan.

The manual will be sent to those who have applied.

Please let us know the details of your arrival by filling in the application form below. Then we will approach your hiring company. Then you will be informed about the room.


2. SIM Card Support

We arrange SIM card for mobile also.

Normally, it takes many documents (such as Residence card, bank passbook etc.) to apply for SIM card in Japan. Also, it takes 2-3 hours in a mobile shop. However, the SIM will be necessary at the arrival time.

We have collaborated with SIM providing company, so that, the SIM will be arranged, before the arrival in Japan. We will deliver the SIM card to the contact person of the hiring company.

Required documents can be submitted after a few days.

Detail of SIM plan:

It will be a pleasure for us, if we could be of any help for the smooth arrival of foreigners who come to work in Japanese companies.

Please fill in the following form for our service.