IMAC Engineering Company has successfully crossed its 36 years. We really want to express our thanks and gratitude for those valued customers, who have been supporting us continuously and bringing us up to this stage.

Over the period of time, we really appreciated the staffs endevour and expect more contribution with creative efforts to take the company into the new height in forthcoming period as well. IMAC has marked 21 years of establishment of its branch office in China which was started as a design company; later on expanded its horizon to manufacturing sector as well. The branch company is currently holding two factories, covering more than 20,000 square meters area with advanced mechanical equipment and different module of chemical plants for the purpose of assembling of specific products. These facts prove that we have resources and potentiality to expand us in multifaceted business in near future.

Furthermore, we have expanded our new business in Nepal since 9 years ago. from where, we referred the Nepali young, energetic and excellent engineers to the Japanese renowned companies. we are teaching them the Japanese language, culture and manner of Japan, so that those engineers easily can adapt the environment of Japan after their job placement. By doing this, We are getting very good responses from our valued customers. To serve them more with efficiently and effectively, we have decided to increase our new marketing branches to reach our customers and understand their needs within the less span of time. Also, we are planning to increase outsourcing business related to design sector in Nepal, not only from Japan but also from Europe, America, South Asia and other overseas countries.

As we all know that, economically, India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. So, we have opened there a branch office in last year. We hope that this branch carries a huge potentiallity as it helps to collect the raw data what is happening right there and that will be fruitful for us to understand the market and help us to carve our future mission. we are ready to serve you, just believe in us.

Out of the total company’s staffs, more than 80% are from other than the country Japan and are always dedicated and stay devoted to understand the needs of our valued customers.

We belive that your valued suggestions and encouragements are our excellence!!


Jan. 2021