Foreign Engineers Employment Assistance Service

At present many Japanese companies are going global and at this stage, the scarcity of skilled engineers is becoming a big concern. As an alternative, recruitment of foreign nationalities is flourishing. The recruitment of foreign nationalities not being an easy process, we have started 3-year Recruitment Support Project to employ Nepalese Engineers in Japanese companies. This project cooperates with Japanese companies to nurture and furthermore develop the career of Nepalese Engineers for 3 years and employ them as a permanent employee of their company after that duration. Till now we have more than 500 Japanese companies as our clients.

3-Year Recruitment Support Project

Japanese companies which cooperate with IMAC Engineering will select the Nepalese engineers in base of their Japanese language, skill, and talent in their related engineering field. After selection train them for three years to develop their career in Japan. Payment will be on per hour basis. The purpose of Japanese companies participating in this project is to hire capable engineers as a permanent employee through a 3-year training project.

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