Design Service

The company is offering the outsourcing service and perfom by the co-ordinating the outsourcing team of Nepal and the staffs who  placed in Japanese companies. Young and excellent human resources team trained in Nepal to make the work more effective. The engineers who  placed in Japanese companies will  treate as a main supplier of the design work of the particular company in Nepal. This system enhance to understand the real needs of the customers and also maintain the standard of the company and hence increases the productivity.

We are especially dealing about plant piping design, Architectural design and other works related to design.

Started the design service office in Nepal with low cost

We have started the design office in Nepal with a team of excellent engineers. To accept the architectural design, 2nd class certified Architect has been appointed. Also for Plant piping design a Japanese expert of piping design has been appointed.

Outsourcing design work

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Architectural design

  1. Engineering TeamWe have opened a local corporation, TOWA NEPAL PVT. LTD and have been involving many excellent team to ensure the work smoothly to serve the customers at their busy schedule.
  2. Appointed 2nd class certified Architect EngineerWe have a very experienced Nepalese engineer who had lived in Japan for 16 years and achieved the “2nd level of Architectural Engineer” certificate from Japan. He is very familiar regarding the Architectural Design and have work experienced in renowned “GENERAL CONTRACTOR” Companies of Japan.
  3. Client-oriented teamWe have made a client-oriented team so that the team can understand the condition and specification of the particular customer’s works which causes help to increase the productivity of the company。

Offering the low cost and highly productive team for outsourcing services.

Outsourcing design model mobilising the despatching staff

The despatched staff who have mastered with your company’s design procedure and standards will be the team-leader of the team of Nepal and which can perform your design work more perfectly and efficeintly.

Outsourcing design model that mobilised the temporary staff


Services Overview

  1. Exclusive design teamExclusive Team will form based on your planned business volume.Perform the design work based on your company’s standard.
  2. Temporary staffing service from the exclusive teamWill referred to your company as staffing among the design specific team.Plane charge and housing expenses will be beard by our company. Your company just has to bear the hourly based charge and daily travelling expenses.
  3. Will be helpful even in overseas works。English language is equivalent to native class so you can trust us in case of your overseas work too.We can supply the manpower directly to overseas countries from Nepal and also the charge can be adjusted based on the cost of living of the respective place.