Design Service

Plant piping design

We perform a series of operations from layout planning to detailed design of piping and ducts. We propose a plant plan using 3D CAD.

Placement Plan

We will propose a layout plan (plot plan) that is performed before the piping design, taking into consideration the optimization of safety, economy, operability, and workability.

Detailed Design

Benefits of 3D CAD


•Since it can express a three-dimensional object, more accurate and accurate design is possible.

•The three-dimensional image enables more specific examination with the customer.

• At the design stage, operability can be confirmed and interference of each equipment for construction can be confirmed, and design verification that is difficult to understand from the plan view alone can be performed, so repair work that occurs during construction can be minimized.

• By using a 3D image, you can check the completed state of the plant, check the passage, operability, etc., and check for defects.

Sample of 3D CAD

Various outputs of 3D CAD

Plumbing Assembly Diagram

Plumbing Assembly Diagram

Piping Spool Diagram

Plumbing Material Tabulation

Plumbing Equipment List

Economic Effect Of 3D Piping Design

1. Reduction of design time
 Reduction of material aggregation time
 Reduction of isometric piping diagram creation time
 Quality confirmation, shortening of management time

2. Reduction of additional construction costs
 Reduction of human error during design
 Reduction of on-site changes by prior confirmation of operability, maintainability, and safety

3. Reduction of construction period from design start to construction completion
 Shortening the construction period by getting customer comments early and reducing on-site work

Performance Table