Recruiting Services in Overseas

We have materialized to use the Engineers of different Southeast Asian countries - Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia etc. to our clients company by making partnership with local human resources companies. We take all the problems as like ours which is associated with the partner companies during the selection process of candidates. We have pool of Engineers and can provide the alternative candidates from many partner companies to fulfill the desire of our clients. The follow up process, after the fixation of interview, will be carried out by the local HR Company along with the main contract; however, the responsibility for the overall co-ordination will be fulfilled by our company. We believe that our earned experiences will help to manage the right candidate, in the right place, at the right time. We always value our client; take responsibility and follow-up even after the end of contract as well.

Southeast Asia recruitment support service


  1. If you are thinking to expand your Business

    We will conduct the interview with the Human resources related to the marketing, administration; accounting, interpretation etc. through Skype and can support our clients from the starting phase including the market investigation taking our partner company as a backup tool.

  2. If you are receiving orders for new projects

    It takes time to arrange the human resources, if you received the order from the country with no base. In that case, we can manage the local human resources by making call through Skype and can help to form a overall system backup before you get in to the site.

1. Human resources proposal 

We will get the information about the human resources planning of our clients and their actual needs, and then pass the information to our partner companies to collect the related human resources. We will screen the candidates out of the pool and then propose to our clients. Definitely, we can manage the right candidate, as we remain in touch with our clients from the beginning stage.


2. Interview 

Our partner company manages the interview schedule with the interested candidates. If you have not found the appropriate candidates, we will ask for the concrete requirements and purpose you the right candidates accordingly. Besides that we can fulfill your requirements by alternative way, as we are also collecting the pool of candidates by our own way.


3. Recruitment 

If the recruitment has been determined, the agreement contract will be made with the local HR Company. The features of contract will be in the form of general business practice of the local area. We will distribute the profit with the local HR Company based on our consulting agreement. To avoid making more expensive compared to the charges made by other company, we are agreed to share whatever the profit we get by 50/50 way.


4. Follow-up

We will tackle and be responsible for the mismatching and immediately quitting problem of human resources. We are a Japanese company and know very well that how serious the problem is and how to resolve on it. In addition, we will continue to screen the human resources company who creates such types of problems.


Achievements of recruiting service in overseas
Main Employers
  • Shimizu Corporation
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

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